Welcome Our New Brand Ambassadors!

Krysten Maddox

TBH. Fam the search is finally over! We selected 9 awesome individuals that we feel represent the heart and soul of what The Black Hipster., really stands for! 

Read on to learn about each Brand Ambassador and comment below to welcome them to the Fam.



Meet Tatyana!

Tatyana is Miss International visiting as many places as I can! 
Follow Tatyana on Instagram: taty_duchess
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 Meet David!

David is a fashion-savvy photographer with a love for exploration and adventure. His goal is to be a living example of how fun life can be, and trust me... life is awesome!
Follow David on Instagram: @blackhipster
Shop with David using coupon code: TBHxBlipster

Meet Laurin!

Laurin Jo Curtis is the Influencer and Entrepreneur behind ‘The Life of Jo Jo’. Since 2017, Laurin Jo has collaborated with household name brands like Target, TruColor Bandages, Disney, Fabletics, and many more. Originally from Indiana, Laurin Jo packed up her whole life and moved to Houston at the young age of 18 to attend The Prairie View A&M University for architecture. Alone, and with her family over 1,000 miles away, she was determined to make a life for herself and build an empire in Houston. More than “just a blog”, Laurin Jo – as a brand – has evolved into a 360 brand that has a blog, influencing platform, and even a marketing and design consulting studio. With a social media following of over 15,000 lifestyle enthusiasts, Laurin Jo has also expanded into creating physical products, including “The Life of Jo Jo To-Do List” available on their website. With no plans of settling down and now a mother to mini mogul, Riley Jo; Laurin Jo is excited to collaborate and grow more than ever before in 2019 by providing brands with unmatched value through original content, organic engagement, and overwhelming results.
Follow Laurin on Instagram: @laurinjo 
Shop with Laurin using the coupon code: TBHxLAURINJO


Meet Diron!

Diron is a PVAMU Alum and currently a second year Law Student.
Follow Diron on Instagram: @dironephect
Shop with Diron using code: TBHxJean


 Meet Amber!

Amber is a photographer from Dallas. Her passion is creating to inspire.
Follow Amber on Instagram: @lyfepoetic
Shop with Amber using coupon code: @TBHxLYFE


 Meet Dalvion!

Dalvion is always aiming to create more positive spaces where outsiders are welcome and feel empowered through his art and creations.
Follow Dalvion on Instagram: @wolf.indigo
Shop with Dalvion using coupon code: TBHxDal


Meet Jasmine!

Jasmine is a published journalist, mental health warrior, Creative Content Strategist, Former Radio Personality, and HBCU Advocate. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate and is a fellow PVAMU alum.

Follow Jasmine on Instagram: @Jaesofamous
Shop with Jasmine using coupon code: @TBHxJae


Meet Mike!

Mike favorite quote: "Every night is New Year's Eve and every morning's payday."
Follow Mike on Instagram: @iwanbelikemike
Shop with Mike using coupon code: TBHxCOOLAF


Meet Journei!

Journei is a Texas native who loves to travel, try new foods, and is passionate about brand development and youth empowerment. She leads a holistic and vegan lifestyle practicing yoga and mindfulness. In her free time, she runs a non-profit organization dedicated to youth development and coaches a little league cheerleading team.
Follow Journei on Instagram: @MissJournei and @finerglambition
Shop with Journei using coupon code: TBHxMissJournei

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