5 Simple Ways to Save the Ocean

Krysten Maddox

For years now we've watched our sidewalks, parks, and water sources fill with trash, plastic, and other hazardous waste. As we continue to advance as a society and make great progress our waste products continuously get thrown to the wayside....literally. Reduce, reuse and recycle has been ingrained in our brains for as long as we can remember but now it's time to seriously take these practices and put them into use. 

Below we're going to highlight 5 simple changes you can make to your everyday life to help encourage us all to do our part in protecting not only our oceans but our Earth and ultimately life for years and years to come, because right's not looking too good. 

In addition to our top 5 tips were putting our money where our mouth is and doing our part, we've dropped an exclusive TBH. Reusable Stainless Steel water bottle to help put a stop to one-use plastic bottles which are ending up not only in our oceans but everywhere. We pledge to donate $5 from each water bottle purchase to the organization Oceana [read more here], who is helping to stop the use of plastic water bottles and clean and protect our oceans.

At the Black Hipster, we're a family, and philanthropy plays a big role in all that we do we hope you will take part in helping us with this awesome cause!


5 Ways to Save the Ocean and Stay Stylish

1. Use a Reusable Water Bottle and Other Nondisposable Containers

Plastics end up as ocean debris killing thousands of marine wildlife yearly and greatly contribute to the destruction of their habitats. By carrying a stylish reusable water bottle you significantly reduce your impact on the oceans and get to make a personal statement through color, design, and style. Most people enjoy blasting their reusable bottles with stickers representing personal views and interests.


2. "Leave As You Arrived"

When visiting your local beaches or taking tropical vacations try to practice the "leave as you arrived" philosophy by remembering to simply clean up after yourself. Any trash you leave on the beach is as the risk of being swept into the ocean, eaten by a local animal, and ultimately ruin the beach aesthetic for everyone, simply do us all a favor and clean up after yourself.


3. Be Mindful of Your Seafood Choices

Salmon, Tuna, and other global fish populations are being rapidly depleted at alarming levels due to our high demand and resulting in unsustainable fishing practices. The next time you're out to eat, show your friends how mindful you are of the poor overexploited fish and maybe choose a better more sustainable fish option like Catfish, Shrimp, or Barramundi!


4. Recycle Properly

It's simple if you have any single-use plastic RECYCLE IT! And make sure you take a boomerang because if there's not a pic, it didn't happen right?


5. Educate Yo' Self

There are so many resources available to educate you on the dangers of polluting our oceans and other water sources, grab your bae for a little Netflix and Educate, might I even suggest The Future of Water.


Comment below and share some simple tips for protecting our oceans!